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The Summit House Wedding : Sarah + Florin

May 24, 2011
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ast week, Stephen and I drove to beautiful Orange County to photograph two of our favorite people at the beautiful Summit House Restaurant. It was a beautiful cloudy day to celebrate the long awaited marriage between Sarah and Florin.  
I first met Sarah at Starbucks last year and immediately fell in love with her soft spirit and beautiful heart. She explained to me how she met Flo and I just melted as I listened to her story. They met at Sarah's older sisters wedding four years ago and stayed in touch ever since. I had yet to meet Flo until the engagement session, and I knew he would be nothing short of amazing. We met in LA at the The Griffith Observatory for their engagement session. Flo and Sarah are not only some of the most beautiful people I've ever met, they are some of the NICEST people we have ever worked with. I am a huge believer that the Lord orchestrates things in life and I have NO doubt that God worked a bit to bring all of us together for this beautiful wedding. Stephen and I feel so blessed to have worked with such amazing people and I have no doubt God is going to do incredible things with these two.  
Sarah and Flo, thank you for radiating such beautiful love towards everyone you meet. We felt so welcomed by the both of you and we are so thankful that we can now call you friends. You two are absolutely beautiful from the inside out and we feel SO honored to have witnessed such a beautiful ceremony. Thank you.  
Not only were the bride and groom incredibly amazing but so were every.single.vendor we worked with. Sarah's brother-in-law Gin Giurgiu is an awesome videographer and his video is posted below!  
A special thanks to Diana Petrusan with Fleuri De Di. Can you believe this is only Diana's SECOND wedding?! Shes incredible. Shes young, beautiful and EXTREMELY talented. AH-MAZING.  
I don't think these two could possibly be any more beautiful. wow.
I thought this photo was so cute! Flo is admiring Sarah's dress.
I have to admit, I wiped away a few tears listening to these two during their vows.
The Summit House Restaurant. has such amazing windows for an afternoon reception.
Diana, you are incredibly talented. WOW.
LOVE this photo :) Sarah, you are adorable even when you are dying of laughter!
After the ceremony and a peaceful lunch, we all headed to Crystal Cove to finish the portraits of Sarah and Florin before heading off to their honeymoon.
Crystal Cove has the most AMAZING views of the coast line. The gray skies helped everything look so soft and beautiful.
The only photo Flo asked for was a photo of him carrying Sarah. HOW CUTE IS THIS?!

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