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Happy Birthday McDreamy

September 19, 2013
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oday, I am celebrating my husband Stephen's birthday. Since we met in college back in 05, I've been smittin ever since. Stephen is one of those guys that just gets along with anyone. I've always loved that about him. He's got charm, a great smile, he's smart and lets be honest, he's got some Mcdreamy hair. Those of you that watch Grey's Anatomy could agree, Stephen has some good mcdreamy style hair. Ok ok, I didn't marry him just because he's got great hair.. well, ............ I'm just kidding. I married him because he's truly amazing.  
This past year I've watched Stephen become a father, transition into a new job and still photograph weddings with me on the side. The poor guy is as busy and worn out as can be but STILL is always a great friend, dad and husband. Stephen, you're MY Mcdreamy. :) 
Stephen, heres to many more birthdays together, babies and lots of good hair cuts :) I love you.

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