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Something I'm Proud of

May 4, 2010
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his past January, I had the pleasure of working with Anton Lorimer for my much anticipated promo video for my business. I seriously cannot say enough good things about Anton. He was so easy to work with and it's obvious how passionate he is about his craft. I felt LUCKY to have even been able to work with him. The way he shoots, sees the light, and edits each shot is incredible and I had total peace with how the video would turn out.  
I wanted to thank my couples for being so gorgeous and willing to participate in this video! Another special thanks to Floyd Bannister with Loft 19 for allowing us to use his amazing studio for this video. I couldn't be more pleased with how this video turned out. In all honesty, I HATE watching or hearing myself talk on video, but I had full faith that Anton would find a way to piece it together nicely. I was shaking in my boots when it came to the interview part, but I was amazed how well Anton tied things together. His craft is unlike most and I am again just SO thankful to have worked with such talent. Be sure to check out the rest of Anton's work on his website .  
I really wanted this video to display who I really am as a person and a photographer. I wanted it to display how I feel about the people I photograph and how I really care about integrating my business and relationships. I hope this video sparks a bit of emotion and I hope it inspires those who love photography to keep working at their craft.  
Below is the video I worked day and night preparing for and I must say, I'm quite proud with how it turned out.  
Here is the link to the shoots from this promo : Click HERE and scroll down to see all of the shoots.  

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