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Your Questions

August 17, 2009
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ello fellow blog readers!! I just got the new 5d mark II and Im now experimenting with the amazing HD video the camera produces. After my last blog post about networking, I received some awesome e-mails from readers and I am so excited to watch everyones work as they progress in their business. I am still in the process of answering e-mails but thought this might even be an easier way to answer some questions. Sorry I have been MIA on the blog posts, wedding planning has taken over my life (not literally but sort of) and im finally getting back to my computer to talk about some new stuff. Watch the video and I hope you guys have an awesome week! PS- anyone know of any good shoe websites? I need a fantabulous pair for our wedding. Any suggestions? As much as I love shoe shots, mine better be pretty darn cute.  
Press play, pause and let the video load before watching...  

Untitled from stephanie Fay on Vimeo.

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