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ignorance is bliss

January 22, 2013
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aving a baby has been a monumental moment of my life. Nothing quite compares to being a Mom. Although Henry is only five months old, the sleepless nights, large amounts of spit up, and of course huge poops are all worth it. (I'm not sugar coating it :) But beyond all the difficulties parenting brings, comes a whole load of heart warming smiles.  
Watching my little nieces and nephews grow up has been so rewarding. The one thing I love the most about kids is their complete ignorance to what's really going on. I probably don't give them enough credit as to understanding their surroundings, but they have a way of making you smile despite their sometimes frustrating antics. The way they say Star Wawrs or Princess Briaer Wrose (Sleeping Beauty) makes my heart melt.  
The saying "ignorance is bliss" really is true. My stomach was in knots when I heard about the heart wrenching news at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Innocent children went home to be with the Lord after a complete stranger filled with deep rooted hatred decided to take their lives. It broke my heart to know that someone could possibly think of hurting a child. But even now, It saddens me that it sometimes takes incidents like these to make us realize how fragile life is. How quickly life slips away. It makes you think about your time with your loved ones and HOW you are spending your time.  
As I sifted through my families portraits,(photos below) I was again reminded how quickly time flies by. I wish I could freeze time for a while and start it up again just so I can completely soak in life at this very moment. I wish I could be ignorant to all the bad things in this world and have faith like a child. But for now, I'll just live through the eyes of my sweet baby and live in this monumental moment. 

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