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South Bend Indiana Wedding : Tara + Lee Part 2

September 20, 2011
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ara and Lee's wedding day was everything that we expected it to be. It was vibrant, colorful and absolutely beautiful. We arrived at the Sharma residence at 6AM. We haven't ever shot getting ready photos when it was STILL dark outside, but I loved the challenge :)  
After Tara finished getting ready, we met Lee at the hotel for some family photos. Indian weddings have so many unique traditions and my favorite was the giving away of Tara by her parents. Lee rode around the hotel parking lot on a white horse adorned with colorful tassels. The music was loud and the anticipation was exciting. To see more of the wedding, look below at this LONG post. I couldn't resist posting 59 images because this wedding was amazing. Tara and Lee, we feel so blessed to have been a part of your wedding day. Thank you for choosing US as your wedding photographers! 
A special thanks to the Sharma/McComber family. We felt SO welcomed by both families and truly blessed to have worked with you.  
The Hilton Garden Inn for being SO nice to work with.  
And Still Motion for being awesome to work with. - Scroll down to see their amazing DAY OF edit of the wedding day.
I'm a bit obsessed with the jewelry!
The sun shined through the windows just in time for some getting ready shots.
The ceremony decorations were breathtaking.
It was SO fun watching this tradition take place.
This was right after Tara walked down the isle. A sheet was hung in between Tara and Lee and once it was dropped, they threw rice at each other.
The second half of the day began with Tara's getting ready images before the reception.
Again, the jewelry is GORGEOUS.
We had some time for some bridal party portraits before heading to the reception. I LOVE all the colors.
Probably the prettiest group of bridesmaids i've ever seen.
The bridesmaids put on a dance for the bride and groom. They dance so beautifully!
Tara and her brother
Tara's mom!
May be my favorite photo from the day.
A special shout out to Still Motion for their DAY OF edit. They edited this during the wedding day and played this for the entire reception after dinner. WOW.  

tara + lee's sde // when the music kicks up from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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