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Milessa and Jed : Phoenix Engagements

November 15, 2010
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arlier this year, I was contacted by Victoria Canada about a lovely couple who has their sites set on a vintage wedding next fall. When I heard the word vintage, I couldn't wait to hear more about their ideas. With the help of Victoria Canada, Jed and Milessa are planning their entire wedding from separate places. Since we weren't able to meet in person, a three way phone call was the best way we could all chat about wedding photography. .I got to know these two over the phone and immedetely fell in love with them.  
Jed was one of the first people Milessa met on the first day of her freshman year at Stanford. They've been smitten every since. Things progressed and life has taken these two to different places for work. Almost entirely on opposite ends of the country, these two have an amazing story of a successful relationship long distance. Since traveling to see each other is necessary for a couple completely in love, a themed travel enagegement shoot seemed to be fitting. With the help of Victoria, we all pulled together a photoshoot I couldn't have been more proud of!  
Jed and Milessa, you two are absolute DREAM to photograph and two of the sweetest people I have ever worked with. Completely genuine, kind and so down to earth, you both remind me why I love my job. I absolutely adore the both of you and cannot WAIT to photograph your wedding next fall. Thank you for choosing us as your wedding photographers! To see a slideshow of the day, click HERE.
Milessa is fully dressed in Jed's great grandmothers clothing and hat. With the help from a seamstress, Milessa had the hat and jacket pulled together to look just as it did when his great grandmother wore it.
Milessa, you are GORGEOUS.
I was SO impressed with Milessa and Jed's outfits the entire shoot. WOW.
Milessa is wearing Jed's grandma's fur coat. It was BEAUTIFUL!
Michael Fay with Lomaland Productions joined us for the shoot!  

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