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Laura + Jeremy : Los Angeles Union Station

December 12, 2011
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honestly can say I am absolutely blown away by how beautiful Laura and Jeremy are. They are such sweet people and we had an absolute wonderful time getting to know these two in front of the camera. We met over coffee a few months back to chat about wedding photography. Jeremy and Laura mentioned they wanted a themed engagement shoot. When they mentioned an old hollywood engagement shoot, I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement.  
We decided to start the engagement shoot at Los Angeles Union Station on Thanksgiving Day weekend. Surprisingly, the crowds were calm and we had the best time roaming the historic station.  
After we left the station, we headed to my families historic barn in Menifee. My father-in-law collects and restores gorgeous old vintage cars that are stored at the Motte Historical Museum . They were kind enough to allow us to use these beautiful cars as our backdrop and I couldn't have been more excited to shoot here. We felt this would be a great fit for this old hollywood shoot. And boy... was it great! We then ended the shoot in a soft field with the shiny green Auburn. Laura and Jeremy, you two are the sweetest people and we feel blessed to have worked with you guys. We cannot WAIT for your wedding next spring. I have no doubt it will be beautiful! To see a slideshow, click HERE.
The light coming through the windows was gorgeous.
Laura, you are beautiful.
The Motte Museum is my new favorite place to shoot! Lucky me :)
beautiful beautiful beautiful.
Laura and Jeremy are so natural in front of the camera. It's obvious they are smitten by each other!
The light couldn't have been more perfect...

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