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Creating a timeline

September 14, 2009
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oday I feel VERY compelled to write to my fellow photographers and clients about something that t is SO important to planning a wedding. A timeline. A timeline that reflects a stress free RELAXED day. We all know stress doesn't ever help anything! After shooting too many weddings with a crammed schedule and limited time for photos, I am 100 percent positive I am right about this :) Its always a bummer when you are only given such limited time for photos and are not able to work to your fullest. We all seem to know how this goes oh too well. ... View Full Post

Invitations & Video 2

August 29, 2009
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inally, my invitations are here :) For those of you that read my blog, you know that I have talked many times about my wonder designer Dan and his great work. Im happy to brag about how wonderful the vintage, creamed lace, letter press invitations turned out. Im ready to send them off and gather all my final details for the big day! Note to brides : Call Dan. View Full Post

Dan's designs

August 7, 2009
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'm sitting at Sky Harbor Airport waiting to board my flight to beautiful Dallas texas, with an iced Starbucks coffee in hand. I'm preparing myself for heat. Not the kind of heat in Phoenix I'm used to, but the kind of heat that sticks to you and and makes you feel like your suffocating. Well, not really, but im sipping on my coffee in hopes my blood will stay cold and maybe I would start speaking with an awesome twang accent. I just got word that my wedding invitations are in the process of being printed and I am more than thrilled! You... View Full Post

Color management

July 12, 2009
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discovered something really interesting while traveling last week. I edited some photos on my lap top and viewed them in the browser Firefox and gasped when I saw that most of my photos lacked the vibrant colors. I edit my photos and ALWAYS view my blog on the browser Safari. They look exactly like they do when I edit them in Photoshop or lightroom. If you are viewing this post in Firefox, you can see the difference in these two photos. Both photos are saved in different formats and neither photos have been edited. I have been editing my... View Full Post

Website Branding

June 1, 2009
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am SO proud to finally launch my NEW website!! It has been such a fun process working with these two amazing companies that have done an absolute FABULOUS job! I first contacted Infinet Design, to help me figure out what designers call a "brand." I needed a design that would set me a part from other photographers and really visually describe my personality to my readers. I went to the BEST designers I could find on the net and I found Brock and Dave. I am proud to be one of Infinet's featured blogs and am pumped to have a part of their... View Full Post


May 26, 2009
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became a photographer about four years ago. I'm not really sure I "became" a photographer or if I had the talent all along. The furthest back I can remember loving photography are the model shots I took as a kid. I loved to get together with my girlfriends and carelessly paint each others faces with what we thought was a fabulous makeup job. We took photos for hours in our backyards with my moms 35mm camera and waited anxiously at walmart for the film to be developed so we could see our pretty little faces on a piece of shiny paper. I never... View Full Post
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