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My Latest Obsessions : Networking and Margo

December 11, 2009
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few months back, I posted about my latest obsessions. I tend to go through phases of simply liking things and then obsessing about things. I might abuse the word obsessing than most people but I just mean that I REALLY like things! SO... on that note... lately, I have been SO obsessed with networking. I don't mean this in a creepy stalker way I just mean that I LOVE meeting new people! A few months back, I received a refreshing e-mail from two fellow photographers from Holland. They mentioned they would be staying in Phoenix for a few days and they hoped to join us for a cup of coffee. I couldn't be more thrilled that they wanted to have coffee with Stephen and I!! It's always interesting to hear about different photographers tips and tools of working with clients as we are ALL doing the same thing. It always builds confidence to hear that everyone is pretty much doing everything the same way. We are all learning and what better way to learn then to talk to other photographers! Anouschka and Raymond run their business out of Holland. Weddings and photography are definitely different in different countries and it was so interesting to hear about their business and life! Anouschka and Raymond briefly mentioned a wedding they shot for a terminally ill bride. To hear their story and how they worked with the family was so inspiring. They have HUGE hearts and I truly admire their spirit of giving. These are the kinds of people that remind me exactly why I am in this business!  
It was such a pleasure to meet with you Anouschka and Raymond!! Thank you SO very much for your time!
I have also become extremely excited about branding new business things! One thing that I feel really helps business run smoothly is organization. Not just organizing files and papers... I mean organizing your delivery process. What I mean is, figuring out how you want to deliver your disc to your clients. What will the package look like? Do you have a letter head you send to clients? How about an appointment reminder card? Business cards? I went to the wonderfully talented Infinet Design to help me create a blog that reflected truly my personality. I have been MORE than happy with how the blog turned out but now I need some business cards to give the same effect! SO, I have turned to the lovely Promise Tangeman to help me create a business card design. I am more than thrilled to see what the outcome will be! I know right now business is tough for ALOT of people and spending money on business cards or any extra business need isn't quite on the top of the list for everyone.... but I do think it's extremely important to still present yourself well to your clients because THAT is what keeps your business moving. This is an example I found of a cute packaging idea! ....
Definitely check out Promise's site... she has some GREAT ideas! She is seriously just as awesome in person as she seems on her blog!
One more thing I have been quite obsessed with....laughing at CUTE Margo. Margo celebrated her 2nd birthday (doggy years thats 14 right?) this past November and what a great excuse to celebrate?!! We found some awesome discounted doggy clothing and just couldn't resist. Ok... don't judge.. it gave us ALL a good laugh and Margo totally loved it. :)

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