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San Francisco Contest

February 4, 2010
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know what you're thinking. This is weird. You may be laughing or you may just be saying out loud how stupid I look. I posted these photos while vacationing in Mammoth California. We just arrived a few days ago and Im already aching and bruised from snowboarding. I figured the moose head fit the location nicely and just HAD to use it for my self portrait! Why am I posting this?  
Stephen and I will be house sitting for our cousin in the heart of San Francisco this coming March 22-28th. I can't imagine visiting such an awesome place and NOT photographing someone in the city. I get excited just thinking about all the gorgeous places we could take photos of someone. Last week, I tweeted (are we twitter friends yet?) and updated my facebook status looking for a couple to photograph while visiting San Fran. No charge, just a fun down to earth shoot of two fun people we've never met before. The responses to the tweets and facebook updates were AWESOME and since there were so many responses, I felt it was best to run a contest to pick the winning couple. BUT I want everyone to know that this contest is open not only to those that live in San Fran (or close by) but any blog reader that wants to participate. If you aren't able to make it to San Fran, Ill be rewarding the second most creative photo a 30 dollar Itunes card.  
Here are the rules :  
1. Im looking for the most creative self portrait of either one individual or both of the contestants entering to win. You have to be a couple to enter. Married, not married... doesn't matter! *** BUT if you are single you can still enter to win the itunes gift card. PLEASE still submit!  
2. The photo cannot be taken by another person, it has to be set up entirely by timer on a tripod or any surface.  
3. You have to use something (a prop) creatively in the photograph. Im looking for creativity. It can be funny, beautiful or just plain simple. Just looking for creativity. Doesn't matter what it is.  
4. You have to leave a comment with your name and location and then send your photograph to my e-mail ( explaining your portrait.  
5. You can only submit ONE entry so make it a good one!  
6.The photoshoot will have to take place between March 23rd-28th 
7. This is supposed to be fun so have FUN with it! :)  
THATS IT! Please send in your best photograph and we will see who wins :) I will announce the winner on Feb. 15th. and I will post all the most creative photos on my blog. We are also offering mini portrait shoots at discounted price if anyone is interested! E-mail me for all the info.  

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