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And the winner is...

February 16, 2010
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told everyone I would post the winner yesterday but I needed just a little longer to pick. Stephen and I had such a good time looking through all the entries but we could only pick ONE! SO... We decided upon ...  
Ashley and Kevin  
I don't know about you but when I first looked at this photo, I e-mailed Ashley back and explained that Ashely or Kevin have to actually BE IN the photograph. You cant submit photos on a table without the actual contestant being in the photograph. She e-mailed me back and explained THEY ARE IN THE FRAMES!!!! I laughed so hard when I looked at the photo again because they look like they actually are sitting on the coffee table. LOVE IT. This photo just seemed to fit all the rules and I just LOVE it. It's super creative! Congrats guys!  
The Itunes card winner goes to ....  
Beka Hope!  
Beka currently lives in New Zealand but photographed herself in the road with a blanket and pillow because she will be leaving home soon to continue her education in college. It symbolizes her journey in finding a new place in this world. LOVE IT.  
Click HERE! to read more about Beka and to view her awesome work!  
Thanks Beka!! :)
Here are some of the other ones we really loved. Thanks so much everyone for submitting! We loved ALL of them.  
Lynn, who is also a photographer and her husband are seriously BEAUTIFUL!
Diana Jung is super creative and not only beautiful but also a SUPER talented photographer!!  
This is Megan Welker, an AWESOME photographer in Sacramento CA. LOVE these!
Stephanie Castillo is a fellow fabulous photographer in Sacramento. You are adorable. Thanks so much for "hearting me"!!!  
Check out Alyssa Ballisty Photography! So glad I have found you :) Love your blog and all your creativity!
This is Sean and Victoria. So cute! This is perfect and just in time for Valentines Day. Thanks guys!
THANK YOU to everyone that submitted.. they were all great! I would STILL love to hang out and photograph you ALL in beautiful San Fran! If you're still interested, shoot me an e-mail!! Thanks Everyone!

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