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March 10, 2010
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f you're a photographer, videographer or simply involved in the wedding industry, you know about WPPI. It's THE event to be at every year in Vegas and its where to learn and get to know new people. This is my second year attending and this year was even better than last. If you've been thinking about attending WPPI .. you SHOULD!  
I received an e-mail a week before we were scheduled to fly to Vegas from a REALLY nice guy from Showit. Jason asked if I would be willing to sit and chat with anyone that wanted to ask questions about business, photography and just life. I was PUMPED to have the opportunity to hang out with other photographers at WPPI and meet some new people! I felt so honored but a little undeserving of this opportunity! I responded within two minutes of reading the e-mail and was STOKED to be apart of it.  
It's amazing how many familiar faces you see amongst the 14,000 photogs at WPPI but it happens quite often. I ran into Jamie Delaine near some of the conference rooms and we talked about the meet up. Jamie also met up with a group of photographers earlier this week and she told me what to expect. I got a bit nervous as time crept on. People really want to come and see me talk about my business? For real? I'm nothing special and I don't run my business in any special way, its just me. I got nervous no-one would care and it would be just me and Stephen sippin on some coffee in the Showit room bummed no-one showed up. Little did I know, there were actually some AWESOME people planning on coming!  
I just want to thank everyone for being so awesome and spending an hour with me talking about how we run our business. I was so impressed with how NICE and genuine everyone really was.  
A special thanks to everyone in the photo below : Jamie Delaine, Emily Scott, Kristen, Katelyn James, Promise Tangeman, Heather Pepin, Jessica Smith, Alex Ho, and Jerry Vergel. (If I left anyone out, LET ME KNOW!)  
Thanks so much everyone! If you haven't yet, you NEED to have a SHOWIT site. SIGN UP! If we haven't connected on twitter, we should!! Find me HERE and Stephen HERE. I finally coerced Stephen to give into the new technology :)
AND.... today I spend a few hours with an adorable couple and fellow photographer! Can't wait to post these next week!!

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