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Cody with Caava Design

February 13, 2012
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inding the right designer for branding is VITAL to your business as you start to plan out exactly how you want your clients to view YOU as the photographer. There are SO many amazing designers out there, but today I want to feature one that is AWESOME. I've known Cody for quite sometime and throughout the years he has only began to impress me with his creativity. Cody has begun to work with photographers on branding and I could not be more impressed with his style.  
If you're looking for someone to help shape your business I definitely suggest doing your research on why you like different designers. Each designer has something unique to offer and when working with a designer, it's SO important to make sure your personalities fit. Be sure to explore your designers website and see if they have done any work that looks like something you're striving for. Just like photographers, we specialize in a particular style and you want to make sure your designer can meet your needs. ASK questions! Be sure you know WHO you are working with while designing your brand and be sure they fit within your personality.  
Meet Cody:  
Cody is the founder and creative director of Caava Design, a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio that focuses on helping clients communicate their unique vision through art and form. He believes that simple, functional design enables brands to tell their visual story and develop their truth to audiences that matter to them. Using part intuition and part technical skill, Cody takes a difficult and vulnerable process of branding, web development, and establishing a creative identity and makes it fresh and exciting. 
Is there a difference between a logo and "branding"? 
Yes, absolutely. Logos are an important aspect of branding, but by no means are they the focal point or by definition, a brand on its own. A brand is a combination of typography, color, photography, graphic elements, language, products, etc. that fit together in a cohesive and consistent system. 
A perfect example of branding is the classic Coca-Cola bottle. In 1916, the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute designed the iconic glass 
bottle that still is in production to this day. The curves and contour of the bottle paired with the Coca-Cola logo gave it a distinct look, different from competitors. The bottle is so distinct that if one comes across a broken Coke bottle on the ground, it's still identifiable as Coke-Cola. That's branding. Being able to recognize a company brand, even if only a fragment is visible. Successful branding is achieved by being consistent and deliberate with design. This consistency paired with good service/products helps develop peoples' trust in companies. 
Why do I need branding? 
Besides the need to help your company stand out in its prospective, competitive markets, you are offering a visual stead-fast experience to your customer basis. Your brand becomes synonymous with the quality product/service you are offering. It's a very easy way to establish trust with your customers right of the bat. 
Put your best foot forward! Allocate company time and budget towards getting professionally branded. Your business' success depends on it! 
photography credit: Boyte Creative ( 
Cody's profile credit: Kelsey Brown ( 
Meet Cody.
Just a small sampling of Cody's amazing designs.
You can find Cody here :  

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